Vivre mieux physiquement et financièrement

A company that meets all needs money that people want to do, and one of the lowest investments in the internet market

Ranked 1,117 th place out of more than 1,033,790,346 billion web sites that there is in the world of the internet

With over 9,049,353 million visitors a day

And more than 3.5 billion visitors per year

A company, in 8 years only , has built a global reputation for high quality and reliability in presenting advertising companies and members who watch these companies.

More than 6 million members are watching every day these companies which present their goods and services of all kinds .

But what makes this company continues to attract new members willing to watch commercials?

It's her compensation plan that allows any member to do a little to much and without limit of money for less than 5 cents a day which amounts to only $ 17.00 dollars investment annually.

Every day, members ...

- are paid for watching commercials (each day a member can make between $ 0.04 to $ 0.13 cents per day). Personally in 18 months, I have never been down $ 0.06 a day, that x multiplied by 365 days = would have given me more than $ 21.19 dollars - $ 17.00 dollars for my annual investment = my net profit was $ 4.19.

Did you are a bank for a person who opens a savings account with a high rate as it says, if that person deposited in his account that same $ 17.00, would make 3% annual interest of $ 0.51 cents a year?

All day, members ...

- are paid for watching videos
- get paid to do surveys between $ 0.30 to $ 4.00 per survey
- are paid to play games
- are paid to look circular as rona, iga, super C etc ...
- are paid to do surveys in the net - are paid for lots of other things to do 


Pulling daily lottery game

that a member clicks 60 times a day on a grid that allows him to win up to $ 10.00 dollars a day here as below:

Since 2007
With as little as 5 ¢ Per Day
And only $17.00 Per Year
Millions of Members in World
Click on the grid
60 Times a Day
365 Days a Year

To Win Up to $10.00 Every Day


One of the highest paying online compensation programs

With 8 income levels, you'll instantly receive $ 2.00 for each person you personally be referring to your first level as Premium. And whenever people under you refer others, you will be paid $ 1.00 for each of these persons which will be listed until the eighth level. As you could see, from the second to the eighth level, you will be paid anyway without doing anything personally.

See for yourself with the table below which shows you how much you earn gradually as levels will complement levels until the eighth year after year.
 Level  Active Members  Values Levels  Income Levels  Total Revenue
 Level 1*  5  $2.00  $10.00  $10.00
 Level 2**  25  $1.00  $25.00  $35.00
 Level 3  125  $1.00  $125.00  $160.00
 Level 4  625  $1.00  $625.00  $785.00
 Level 5  3125  $1.00  $3,125.00  $3,910.00
 Level 6  15625  $1.00  $15,625.00  $19,535.00
 Level 7  78125  $1.00  $78,125.00  $97,660.00
 Level 8  390625  $1.00  $390,625.00  $488,285.00
*   Level 1 = These are your personal references.
** Level 2 à 8 =  These are people that you have not referred personally but that you still receive $ 1.00 for each of these people.

What gives a Premium Member this grand total
of :
$488,285.00 dollars per year
of : $40,690.00 dollars per month 
of : $9,390.00 dollars per week


And always

Each day...

For every person you refer personally to your Level 1, you will be paid ...

- on average 30% of total websites it has visited
- 10% in the polls, videos, surveys, and other circulars it has made
- $1.00 on each of your personal level 1 which accumulate a total of $5.00 for first win

$1.43 PER MONTH....

What other company, as below, you can offer so much with so little money invested and without financial risk for a whole year?

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